VERTIGO WAVE is an instrument that provides an approach of the Ondes Martenot. Four tones (faithful to the true model) are proposed: Onde, Nasillard, Complexe, Octavian. To better reproduce the expressiveness of the original instrument, VERTIGO WAVE controls herself with one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the modulation wheel. It allows to manage the intensity of velocity and speed of the vibrato. Ribbon mode offers a legato that responds to velocity, Keyboard mode allows fast playing on keys while Polyphonic mode extends the instrument to harmonic dimension. PitchBend provides motion effect obtained by tapping faster the ribbon of the original instrument. Note that the diffuser proposed here is an emulation of the original model D2 called by Olivier Messiaen: "timbre d'espace".


Modulation wheel : controls the musical nuances, provides a soft attack and release, controls the vibrato speed and intensity with respect to fixed values by user.
Pitchbend : experimental effect often used on the Ondes Martenot with the left hand on the ribbon. Try it!
Velocity keys : controls the speed of the portamento, in Mono Ribbon mode. High velocity creates a glide fast, low velocity creates a long glide.

It willl just learn to play ...