TREMODRAW is a Tremolo effect somewhat special. Instead of choosing between fixed forms of waves, here you will be able to "draw" a complex pattern!

1- you choose a waveform by clicking on it (green background)
2- you choose the step where you want to hear the selected waveform (blue background).

TREMODRAW behaves like sequencer that will read your pattern. You can adjust the sync, set the reading direction of the sequencer, complete sequence random (RDM) or initialize (RST) and finally choose the length of the loop.

Take your brushes, or rather your mouse and draw the pattern that suits you ...

TIP : if you want to use the Tremodraw Patterns to control other effects like Filters, just connect the MOD Tremodraw output to the input of your choice. Black is for audio signals and red is for signal events (see picture). The range of values is from 0 to 1 so be sure to make good conversions.