THE HOWLER is a synthesizer that screams through distortion, filter and Larsen. It gets loud sounds, incisive, powerful and massive. Its approach is modern et live-oriented. You can control the amount of distortion, the cut-off and resonance of the filter, the reintegration of the signal in the loop (Larsen). These four parameters can be controlled by the modulation wheel or key's velocity with a different range for each. It's very attractive and it gives a great feeling of mastery of sound!

There is a mode "Animator" who can articulate the synthesizer synchronized to the tempo: the speed of this movement is managed by the pitchbend. You can also thicken the sound (FAT), activate a sub oscillator (SUB) and a little ramp between notes (GLIDE).
Note: For those who do not have a modulation wheel, you can opt for the midi controller of your choice by setting the number 1.

Howl for resist...