THE CLAPPER is a tool that allows you to play claps. Any producer worthy of the name has ever need to claps but it does not always have the time to go into the studio with several people to record claps. And one sample of a clap is freeze, it's always the same, it's not ideal.

THE CLAPPER is a sampler: 7 claps were recorded 4 times (Round Robin). You can chain the samples one after the other or play them randomly. The interface offers the following settings:

- Number of Clap: you can choose to play one, two, three, up to 7 claps same time.

- Offset Trigger: you can increase the delay claps so that they do not play quite the same time. Each trig causes a random offset clap.

- Spread Ensemble: you can center the claps or widen the stereo for put all the claps in a circle.

- Velocity Range: here you can reduce the velocity.

- Random Detune: You can detune each claps to humanize a little, give a little more life. Each detuning is made randomly each trig.

- Crowd Enhancer: you can give some extent your claps, to simulate a few more people and place claps in a space.

THE CLAPPER is an instrument to place on any music to give a little spirited. You can use multiple instances at the same time and add your favorite reverb! And what of your hands now? Well, leave them on the mouse, right?