SNOWFLAKE is a poetic winter instrument. It can be played from the first snowfall. Each note is a snowflake and as everyone knows, the snowflakes take various forms. This is the case here: the instrument settings allow slight sound variations for each snowflake ...

The concept is quite singular: you do not set the parameters permanently but you determine the chance that a parameter is applied. For example: if you set the "vibrato" knob on 50% for each snowflake you will have an even chance that it will be played "vibrato". Same thing with the octave settings, distortion, sample-reducer, etc. (You will notice that the octave transpositions allow to obtain surprising chord inversions).

The sound of the instrument is still very soft and the knob "texture" adds a little bit of attack (FM). The knob "Magic" offers 3 different effects that add little trace in the air. The "Spread" knob allows to expand the horizon of snowflakes. (As for each instrument / effect, all parameters are explained in the "Info" tab of Reaktor).

Beyond being an instrument, SNOWFLAKE is also a great way to relax, meditate, take the time to listen and watch the snow fall. This is why it has a "Automatic" mode that generates random notes and creates the snow.

SNOWFLAKE is a pure way to spend winter ...