MEMORY STICK 20 is a beatbox sample-based on MS20 mini analog synth. Sounds from the legendary synthesizer were carved to get a kick, a snare, a clave, etc.. Every sound has been treated through analog peripherals worthy of the name: Preamp Cartec Audio, Eq Chandler Limited, Compressor Shadow Hills. Then they were arranged in Reaktor to give birth to an old school drum machine, simple to use and really fun in the style of a TR808! According to sources, you can set the Tune, Decay, Tone, Drive or the Reverb and put everything in a Tape Saturation. The drum machine is compatible with the GM standard and can be used in multi-out.

Tip : From the C3 (included), the midi keyboard recalls Snapshots in order. You can arrange your songs by saving them and by recording your combos in your DAW !

(For further details on its use, look for each knob in the Info tab of the software. Same thing for all my ensembles !)