LAMELLAE is a generator based on physical models that emulates the sound of a tuned percussion as the vibraphone, marimba, bells and more. It consists of two parallel resonators that allow for rich harmonic sounds.

The resonators are adjustable in two ways closely linked: the "tune" that acts on the pitch and the "timbre" that acts on the structure but also on the pitch. The idea is to look for "sweet spot" by changing these settings, regardless of the resulting transposition. Then after finding the suitable adjustment, it must now tune the instrument (by the Tuning section, with the reference of the A440). We must try everything, there are no rules, ears decide by themselves ...

The advantage of having two resonators is to enrich the sound in different ways: If the resonator acts as the fundamental, the resonator B can play the fifth, and mixing the two correctly, you will get a bell for example. A marimba sound can be achieved with a tuning octave for example while a tubular bell get with dissonant intervals.

You can adjust the color and the accuracy of the mallet, thus go from a hard mallet used on a glockenspiel to mallet dull and imprecise as can be a corn cob on a balafon for example. You can also choose the type of material ranging from wood to metal, thus go from Marimba to Vibraphone for example.

In addition to its Tuning section, the instrument having a quantizer scale which contains conventional, ethnic, chaotic scales, etc. The last two scales are special: Big Chaos that allows an unpredictable and discordant instrument and Microtonal which reduces the keyboard interval of a few tones only. The instrument is also composed of a Arpeggiator.

LAMELLAE is a kind of small laboratory for those who like to research sounds but it has several presets that already offer various sounds ready for composer.